Retractable Seat Belts

Our Retractable lap seat belts are available in a number of different colors and styles of latching mechanisms. Retractable seat belts offer ease of use by not having to adjust the seat belts to fit different passengers or drivers. These retractable two point lap seat belts will fit numerous applications with little or no modifications to your vehicle. Start by making your buckle choice .

Safety is of utmost importance when you are out on the roads, therefore it is vital for you and for your passenger’s safety. Also, it is a legal requirement that you wear a seat belt at all times.

  1. Our seat belt is a static seat belt, made from strong, durable and effective webbing designed to withstand any impact if in an accident.
  2. The buckle comes fitted with a robust plastic and metal buckle and fastening, that has been designed with a twin release buckle for extra reassurance if the buckle becomes jammed in an accident.
  3. This seat belt would be a suitable replacement for any car’s rear seat static belt whether you simply need to change it as part of a restoration project or most importantly if your existing one is damaged or has been used in accident.

With our second and third point seat belts, our customers have a range to choose from, for all types of vehicles. i.e, buses, trucks, forklift, personal cars etc.

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