CCTV Camera Systems

The alarming rate of increase in illegal activities has made organizations to think about the safety and security of its employees, possessions and property. These days,enterprises are banking on video surveillance to deter any occurrence of prohibited activities and to keep a watch at the workplace so that each task is carried out properly and efficiently,thereby,enhancing the productivity and efficiency of staff and management as well.
We offer a range of Industrial grade NVRs, DVRs and CCTV Cameras to cater to the video surveillance challenges faced by any kind of organization. Incorporating the latest technology ,our products helps in smart recording and detailed monitoring. They also assist in quick detection of events with prompt alerts along with rapid and efficient searching of events for analyzing. These high performing NVRs and DVRs allow remote and centralized management of multiple locations making them highly suitable for large organizations. OurCentralised Management Software  allows management of multiple DVRs and NVRs connected at different locations from a centralized location.

Key Features:

Our range of surveillance solutions is designed specifically for large enterprises and multi-location organizations which require centralized and remote management with real-time notification. Our solution is power packed with advanced features that not only deliver effective and efficient security but also enhances productivity.

  • Synchronous Playback
  • Timeline-based Search
  • Camerawise Recording Retention
  • Cascading of Cameras
  • SMS & Email Alerts
  • Scheduled Backup on FTP & NAS
  • 3G Connectivity
  • Matrix DNS Server
  • Integration with Time-Attendance & Access Control
  • Connect Multiple HVRs, NVRs and DVRs
  • Intelligent E-map

Key Benefits:

  • Wide range of IP and Analog Cameras
  • Easy to install and configure through various interfaces
  • Flexibility in recording to optimize hard disk usage
  • Remote Monitoring with CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer
  • Smarter search for quick and accurate analysis
  • Dual Streaming option to optimize bandwidth usage
  • DynDNS and Matrix DNS Server to save cost of static IP
  • Complete Security Solution with seamless integration with our Access Control and Fire Alarm Panel

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